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The Monte After Care picks up where school leaves off!
When children step through the door to the Monte After Care, they get a healthy snack, help with their homework, extended time in centers, and the time to play inside and outside while interacting in multi-age groups to broaden their social skills. Our after school program serves our whole community - the Early Childhood Learning Center, the elementary school and the middle school.

2023-2024 Monte After Care Tuition

List of 5 items.

  • Early Childhood Learning Center (3 and 4-year-olds and Kindergarten)

    5-day: $225 per month (Aug - May)
    3-day (MWF): $190 per month (Aug - May)
    Sibling program*: Half of the monthly tuition

    *Sibling program available for ECLC students whose older ECLC, elementary, and middle school siblings are dismissed at a later time. Sibling must be picked up by 3:30pm.
  • Elementary and Middle School

    Grades 1-8: $200 per month (Aug - May)
  • Daily Drop-In Rate

    $18 per day 
    However, drop-ins are not being accepted at this time.
  • After School Activity Add-on Rate

    $10 per day - drop in before and/or after Beyond the Bell or on-campus athletics - register when signing up for Beyond the Bell or on-campus athletics; subject to space availability 
  • After Care Billing

    Monthly Monte After Care tuition is billed in Blackbaud Tuition at the beginning of the year in ten payments (August-May). If your plans change, please notify the Monte After Care Director immediately, so we can revise this billing.

    Drop in charges, including the After School Activity Add-on, are billed once a month in Blackbaud Tuition (September- June). We email you when we bill your account.

    All Monte After Care charges are due monthly, regardless of your tuition payment plan.

    If you have questions, please contact Monte After Care Director Margaret Dinsmore (mdinsmore@montecassino.org).

Early Childhood Learning Center

  • Extended time in centers, including manipulatives, libraries, home living centers, doll house, puzzles, blocks and trains.
  • Daily outdoor and indoor large gross motor play time
  • Abundant books available in our libraries and staff who reads aloud to students
  • Many art projects and coloring pages that foster creativity and allow lots of time for staff/student interactions
  • Families with babies: we bring your ECLC student out when you come to pick up
  • Sibling program available for ECLC students whose older ECLC, elementary, and middle school siblings are dismissed at a later time; see Early Childhood Tuition section above.

Elementary and Middle Schools

  • We coordinate students' extra-curricular activities and athletics
  • Extended study hall time available for students in extra-curricular activities
  • Most students complete assigned homework during study hall
  • Upper elementary and middle school students can volunteer/mentor younger students in study hall if they have completed their own homework
  • A few middle school students volunteer with our three year old classes on Fridays

List of 2 items.

  • Social-Emotional Development

    • We encourage students to find better ways to communicate and understand the emotions and thoughts of their friends in positive face-to-face interactions among students and between students and staff.
    • Another bonus: students have extended time daily to develop friendships with students in different classes and grade levels.
  • Staff Training for Safety & Medical Preparedness

    • We have a diverse, well-trained staff, many of whom have been with the program for three or more years.
    • Two staff with each ECLC and ES group
    • Students are checked in and out throughout the day.
    • First aid and CPR-trained staff
    • All school emergency drills are also practiced in the After School Program
    • The Director and Assistant Director are available daily to support staff and students.

What People are Saying...

Lucy Lennox

An unexpected bonus to my children attending Monte Cassino has hands-down been the after school program! The staff has been so accommodating to this mom of 4 (and my ever-changing schedule!) My kids talk daily about centers and their many creations adorn our walls and illustrate the rich learning environment that is present at Monte Cassino. The staff goes above and beyond to ensure my children are in a safe, loving, challenging, and creative environment.
Please contact Margaret Dinsmore at (918) 746-4253 or by email if you would like a tour or more information about our After Care Program.