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Monte Cassino students begin with fine arts at the ECLC level.
Within this age group, students have opportunities to express their creativity using a variety of media with an early-childhood spin. Drawing and painting help our students develop their fine motor skills.

ECLC students at all levels are also engaged in beloved music teacher, Mrs. Ellington's weekly music lessons which open their minds to the beauty of music. Students are introduced to a variety of instruments, composers, and musical traditions, and move to fun rhythms. Three- and four-year-olds perform Christmas programs during the holidays, while Kindergarten students provide a musical revue in the spring.

Art becomes a departmental class in first grade. Miss Wells' elementary school students take a tour through art history as they progress through the elementary years, learning about the artists, culture, media and techniques used during each time period. Eras studied include: ancient Egyptian art and cave drawings, The Greek and Roman eras, the Middle Ages and Renaissance periods and Contemporary Art. Students who show an affinity and talent for art are chosen to participate in various art shows in the community. Additionally, all students are represented in our own annual elementary art show.
In our elementary school music classes, students are introduced to musical theory, sight-reading, more advanced instruments, choreography, and what it takes to put on a musical production. Each grade level performs their own spectacular musical revue, directed by our talented elementary school music teacher, Miss Morgan.

Ms. Puschina's art course is designed to provide middle school students with a comprehensive introduction to various forms of visual art. Through hands-on projects and exploratory activities, student will develops a foundational understanding of art techniques, principles and concepts. This course aims to foster creativity, critical thinking and self expression while introducing students to different artistic styles, mediums and art history.
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Beyond their experiences in musicals and various performances, all Monte Cassino students have access to classes that teach basic vocal and singing techniques and prepare students for religious celebrations or other community events.