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Monte Cassino is more than just a school.
Welcome to Monte Cassino School!
Founded in 1926, our school and community find our foundation in the 1,500-year-old tradition of Catholic Benedictine values and education and the advice of St. Benedict to “listen with the ear of our hearts.” In doing so we continue to evolve our mission and vision to remain aligned to the landscape of research-based best practices at a national level. We work to be responsive to the demands of diversity, equity, and inclusion and to the importance of global and intercultural learning and scholarship for an American Catholic school in the 21st century.
At Monte Cassino we partner with families to help our students become "Saints" and develop as Scholars, who are Amiable, and act with Integrity, working for Notable Achievements, displaying grit and Tenacity, with a lifelong passion for Spirituality and Service. We are constantly impressed with our Saints in the classroom, on the stage, on the athletic field, and in our broader community as they serve others.
Our students come to campus from all around Tulsa and from many different cultural and religious backgrounds. We welcome students from all faiths traditions as we learn together and grow in faith together. The cornerstones of our community are the Benedictine Values that are universal and applicable to all. These values also inform our programs as we grow determined scholars who pursue and enjoy academic, artistic, and athletic endeavors. We all embrace the “Love of Learning” and believe that our faculty and administrators must learn continually about educational best practices and advances in technology to continue to provide the best education possible.
As I looked across our nation for an opportunity to lead an outstanding Catholic preparatory school I found Monte Cassino School, a vibrant school and community and frankly a fun place to be! It is a daily pleasure to be a part of this wonderful community and see our students joyfully learning and growing each day. I am constantly impressed with our students and amazed by our talented and loving faculty. I invite you to look inside Monte Cassino School through our website and by coming to visit campus so you too can see what being a Saint is all about.

Kevin M. Smith
Head of School

Our Beliefs

List of 5 items.

  • Honoring Student Gifts & Talents

    That each child should be taught in a way that honors his or her unique, God-given gifts and talents.
  • Children Have a Safe Place to Grow & Develop

    That children in a PreK-8 school should have a supportive environment that best prepares them for competitive high school matriculation.
  • Challenging Children to be their Best

    That the academic bar should be very high and children should be challenged to reach their full potential.
  • Faith Formation

    That faith formation prepares students for a lifetime of success.
  • Culture of Accountability to Each Other

    That our community, inspired by our Benedictine, Catholic values, immerses kids and families in a culture of mutual respect and dependability.