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The Middle School Honors Program is designed to prepare Middle School students for the demands of advanced high school courses.
Middle School Honors courses challenge and enrich motivated college-bound students to expand their education beyond the typical secondary program. Students are tested into the Honors Program beginning in fifth grade with our Pre-Honors classes and continue through eighth grade. The courses are taught by Monte Cassino School faculty, utilizing innovative instructional strategies and best practices, at a pace appropriate to each grade level.

Honors classes are characterized by content immersion, demanding homework, and an emphasis on writing. Students are expected to commit to a rigorous plan of study. Academic integrity is essential in Monte Cassino's Honors Program. Typically, successful Honors students are task-oriented, proficient readers who are able to prioritize their time and have parental, teacher, and administrative support.

The guiding principles of our Honors Program are based on the expectation that all students can perform at rigorous academic levels, and that students should be continuously challenged to elevate their knowledge and skills.

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  • 5th Grade Honors Courses

    • Pre-Honors English
    • Pre-Honors Math
  • 6th Grade Honors Courses

    • Honors English
    • Honors 6th Grade Math or Honors Pre-Algebra
  • 7th Grade Honors Courses

    • Honors English
    • Honors Pre-Algebra or Honors Algebra I
    • Honors Social Studies
  • 8th Grade Honors Courses

    • Honors English
    • Honors Algebra I or Honors Geometry
    • Honors Social Studies