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In December we asked the US Department of Homeland Security to analyze our campus to learn what we could do to make our campus safer. As a result of these findings, we have already begun to prioritize ongoing security and safety improvements on campus. We are currently getting bids for increasing the security of entry doors on several locations on campus, particularly on the east side of campus. We are also prioritizing review of current building access procedures.  The Buildings and Grounds Committee has been investigating the feasibility of adding fencing to the parts of campus which currently do not have one. This is tricky due to easements and the topography of the land.  Although this will not be a quick fix, please know that we are working on finding a solution. We take all recommendations and suggestions very seriously - student and staff safety is always one of our top priorities.
We hold safety meetings twice a year with faculty about what to do in emergency situations.  Part of that meeting involves active shooter training. Reminders about policies regarding simple things such as “No propping open doors, EVER” and “See something, say something” have been communicated. Even small behavior changes and reminders can make our surroundings more secure.
We have also reached out to our neighbor, Cascia Hall. They have offered for their armed security officer to patrol our campus, look for We have contracted to have a uniformed Tulsa Police officer on campus grounds starting April 3.  They will be present each day from 8am until 5:30pm. We strongly believe having an officer and police car on campus all day is a visible deterrent. As you are aware, TPD is on campus already twice a day, during drop off and pick up. We are also continuing to look into fortifying exterior doors, starting in the most vulnerable areas and purchasing handheld communication devices for campus wide security.

Many families have expressed a desire to financially assist in securing the campus.  If you would like contribute, your donation will be designated to help improve campus security.  If you would like to give to this cause, you can the button below.

This page will be updated as progress continues. If you have any questions contact Tracie Kutmas.
Donation Disclaimer: Monte Cassino School is grateful for your donation and support of our mission. Our budget and ongoing financial health are reliant on accounting for and accepting irrevocable, non-refundable donations. Consequently, Monte Cassino School considers all donations to be nonrefundable. If you have made an error in making your donation, please contact Joan Anderson immediately. Monte Cassino School will consider your request, depending upon the circumstances, and only if such request is made within thirty (30) days of the original donation. You are responsible for any and all tax considerations that may arise if any part of the donation is modified.