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In continued response to the growing need for enhanced school security, we interviewed three safety and security firms during the summer. After this process, we selected Aegis CPG, a Tulsa-based security consulting firm, to enhance the overall security awareness and response preparedness of Monte Cassino School. Aegis CPG specializes in safety instruction and risk mitigation to organizations around the country. Aegis' clients include universities, privately held and Fortune 500 companies, municipalities, and state and federal lawmakers. For more information about Aegis click here.
As part of our partnership with Aegis CPG, they are providing the following to MCS:
  • Condensed Threat Assessment (CTA): This analysis identifies vulnerabilities, both structural and with the pattern of school operations. The CTA will list the conclusions and observations with suggestions to enhance the overall preparedness of Monte Cassino School.
  • Walk-Through Report: This report documents the sections of the campus with attached vulnerability questions, observations, guidance, and suggestions.
  • Emergency Guidelines: They will review and revise current policies, procedures, and protocols related to security-type incidents and the subsequent creation of specific Emergency Guidelines for such incidents. These guidelines will serve as the "go-to" resource for faculty and staff before and during critical incidents occurring or about to occur at the school.
  • Faculty and Staff Training: Training sessions with customized content designed to enhance Monte Cassino faculty and staff's overall security awareness and incident response preparedness.
Informed by Aegis CPG's expert guidance, we will work with our Board of Directors and Monte community to continue our long-term, sustainable planning for campus safety and security. In the short term, we will continue with Tulsa Police Department’s significant presence on our campus and continued to practice our emergency procedures and guidelines.
We anticipate we will be undertaking several enhanced safety and security measures after we receive Aegis’s findings, which will be a worthy and significant financial investment. This spring many families asked us if they could financially support the campus security updates. If you would like to join these families by donating, please click here to support the Monte Cassino Campus Security initiative.

This page will be updated as progress continues. If you have any questions, contact Chris Burke.

Donation Disclaimer: Monte Cassino School is grateful for your donation and support of our mission. Our budget and ongoing financial health are reliant on accounting for and accepting irrevocable, nonrefundable donations. Consequently, Monte Cassino School considers all donations to be nonrefundable. If you have made an error in making your donation, please contact Joan Anderson immediately. Monte Cassino School will consider your request, depending upon the circumstances, and only if such request is made within thirty (30) days of the original donation. You are responsible for any and all tax considerations that may arise if any part of the donation is modified.