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Athletics Forms Compliance

There are three forms required of any Monte Cassino Middle School student (grades 5 - 8) wishing to participate in Monte Cassino sponsored sports.  In order for your child to be eligible to participate in a school-sponsored sport, the following forms must be completed and submitted through your child's Magnus Health Account which can be found on the Parent Resource Board in myMonte.
  • Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Acknowledgement Form
  • Monte Cassino Athletics Code of Conduct
If these forms are not completed and submitted, prior to the start of their Monte Cassino team's athletic season, your child will be ineligible.

Ineligible players may continue to practice but they will NOT be able to participate in scrimmages, games and/or tournaments with his/her team.  Students determined ineligible, will remain ineligible until all three forms have been completed and submitted.

Athletic Eligibility Policy

All Middle School students (grades 5-8) must maintain a passing grade (above an “F”) in each class in which they are enrolled during their Monte Cassino team’s athletic season. Grade checks will occur every Friday during the year. Students determined to be ineligible will remain ineligible for at least one week, until the subsequent grade check is performed.

Ineligible players may continue to practice but cannot participate in athletic contests or scrimmages against other teams until they become eligible.

List of 3 items.

  • Tutorial

    All players with a grade of “D” or below, in any class, will be required to attend Tutorial for that particular class, Monday through Thursday 3:05 pm- 3:30 pm, until the grade is above a “D.” Students with a “D” who remain above an “F” will remain eligible for games and practices. However, tutorial is mandatory even when games and/or practices occur during Tutorial time. Tutorial students are required to turn in a Tutorial Sign-in Form, signed by the teacher, to the Director of Athletics each Friday.
  • Disruptive Behavior

    Behavioral issues which occur on campus during and after school may also be grounds for ineligibility or other athletic penalties based on the discretion of the Middle School Principal and the Director of Athletics.
  • Effects on Participation

    Missed practices due to academic or behavioral infractions may result in reduced playing time and is managed at the Coach’s discretion.