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In the Fall of 2021 Monte Cassino offered teachers an opportunity to apply for Innovation Grants. Kindergarten teachers, Gina Jacober and Catherine Swab were award this grant to lead a collaboration project for all six Kindergarten classes. Project-based learning is a practice that takes a learning by doing approach wherein students are active participants in their learning and development. Our students conducted research about the first years of Monte Cassino's Kindergarten, and also given the opportunity to imagine what an ideal Kindergarten might look like in the future.

The presentation of learning took place on our campus on April 28th, 2022.  Students presented insight about what they learned from the project in one of their first public speaking experiences. After the presentation, students led parents through the visual art exhibit, shared creative writing samples and the STEM project which came from this process.

Thank you to the whole Kindergarten and ECLC team who made this happen.  This project is a wonderful example of hands-on learning and outside-the-box teaching at Monte Cassino.