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Marci Jubelirer, ECLC School Principal

Dear Families,

As the Principal of the ECLC I feel honored that you are considering us for what many experts would concur are the most important years of your child’s schooling. I believe that what we do in this building can set your student up for a wonderful future educational experience. With a group of strong talented teachers, I share a vision of offering learning opportunities to your child that we believe will create a lifetime love of learning.

A comment that I often hear from parents and visitors is that the ECLC feels like a place where childhood is celebrated. When you walk in the front door of our building you will first see front and center a beautiful library filled with age appropriate early literacy materials. Our librarian and our teachers hope the children will begin to feel curious and excited about books. Our faculty creates a strong platform for readers with opportunities for both traditional and more progressive hands-on experiences.

Our ECLC offers a variety of special classes in our building that I feel are unique and should be noted. Students participate in French, music, creative movement, Library time, STEAM Lab and Atrium. Atrium is our Early Childhood offering of spiritual formation. Students of all faiths meet in small groups with a teacher that uses a Montessori type approach to build a strong foundation for understanding the love that God has for each and every one of them.

We welcome families into our building and have many opportunities for parents to get involved. We believe that the more that your child feels supported by teachers, parents and friends the more well adjusted they will become. We offer activities, field trips, outdoor play and classroom centers where our students learn friendship skills and how to collaborate and work together.

It is hard to capture in a few paragraphs all the things I would like for you to know about our school. Please set up a time to come by and visit.


Marci Jubelirer
ECLC Principal
Monte Cassino School has a rich history and is blessed in many beautiful ways. Our Benedictine Sisters who founded our school inspire us with living examples of the importance of prayer, hard work, knowledge and good zeal in one's life.