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At Monte Cassino, our Benedictine Sisters imagined and created a place for children to learn, achieve, and find purpose.
We carry their vision forward with this Strategic Plan.

With counsel from parents, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and past parents, we have set an ambitious vision for Monte Cassino rooted in the Benedictine values. The resulting plan articulates our vision to be among the best PreK to Grade 8 independent schools in our nation, preparing students as scholars and forming lives rooted in faith, service, and community.

Mission Statement
At Monte Cassino School, teachers, parents and students work together to educate each student as a child of God in innovative ways that develop the mind, heart and will through a system of education and personal formation.

Strategic Plan Goal Areas
  1. Strengthening our mission, school identity and vision
  2. Advancing enrollment management
  3. Enhancing our love of learning
  4. Improving our facilities
  5. Empowering faculty and staff of the future
  6. Stewarding our resources
  7. Serving our greater Tulsa community
Advancing Enrollment Management
  • Ensure that Monte Cassino School is enrolled at full capacity with mission-appropriate students.
  • Strive for a class size of 14-16 students (PK3 and PK4) and 18-20 students (grades K-8) with overall target enrollment of 775-850 students.
  • Increase the level and nature of diversity within our student body, faculty/staff, and overall school community.
Enhancing our love of learning
  • To ensure that MCS is a true learning community committed to a program which reflects research-based curriculum ensuring the development of 21st-century skills and a holistic view of learning.
  • Define the goals of each grade level and ensure consistency and logic from ECLC through Middle School.
Improving our facilities
  • Revisit and update the campus master plan and develop prioritized timelines; revisit and update the capital campaign feasibility study and develop a campaign timeline.
Empowering faculty and staff of the future
  • To ensure that Monte Cassino School continues to attract, retain, support, and advance excellent faculty and staff who are aligned to the Mission and Values of the school.
Stewarding our resources
  • Develop financial plans to ensure sustainability of initiatives while maintaining moderate tuition increases.
  • Identify and advance a plan to increase revenue from alternative sources (fundraising, summer programs, facility rental).
Serving the Greater Tulsa community
  • To deepen our commitment to being a partner to the Greater Tulsa, Oklahoma community.
  • Sustain robust community service learning opportunities for students and families.