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Focused, Effective Instruction

Monte Cassino is proud of its Middle School World Language Program. As a core class, World Language is taught every day in 6-8 grade.  Our high school-certified teachers will guide students through high school level 1 of their chosen language.

Each language (French, Spanish and Latin) provides classroom immersion experiences through instruction, conversation, music, videos, cultural field trips, skits and many other learning methods.  These approaches reach all learning styles through various language acquisition opportunities and teach practical use of each language.
Students joining Monte Cassino from TPS immersion programs are offered the opportunity to begin in Level 1B of their language in 6th grade thus skipping one year then likely completing French 2 or Spanish 2 before leaving middle school.
80% of MCS students rank nationally on the National Exams, proving their preparation for high school languages.
If someone was thinking about coming to Monte Cassino, and was wanting to know about our world language department, I would tell them that it is one of the best ways to challenge yourself and your mind. I took Latin which helped me tremendously in English class because in Latin class we had already learned about grammar, so I never had any trouble.
Lilly Earnhart, MC Class of 2020