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These enrichment opportunities enhance the range of programs to inspire students to explore opportunities, talents and their God-given abilities.

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  • Music

    ECLC students engage in weekly music lessons that open their minds to the beauty of music. Students are introduced to a variety of instruments, composers, and musical traditions, and move to fun rhythms. Our music program helps students refine listening skills as they learn about tempo and pitch also fostering creativity and self-expression.
  • Art

    In the Art program, ECLC students have opportunities to express their creativity using a variety of media with an early-childhood spin. Drawing and painting help our students develop their fine motor skills.
  • Drama

    Theater Arts build confidence, improves memory, communication skills and concentration in our youngest learners. The theater arts are highlighted at Monte Cassino in our four-year-old program, when each class performs a mini-opera based on a fairy tale or children's story. Each grade level offers performances throughout the year.
  • Creative Movement

    Each week, students enjoy unique and innovative physical education scenarios that focus on large muscle coordination, balance and teamwork. Students even get to participate in their very own fun run!
  • Atrium

    Monte Cassino is proud to offer ECLC students quiet time to reflect about God through a Montessori-based religion program called Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. Students learn about God's love for them, reenact Bible stories, study the church calendar and are encouraged to use prayer in their daily lives.
  • World Languages

    Monte Cassino’s ECLC World Language classes are designed to foster a knowledge of and appreciation for the various cultures and countries around the world. Lessons are presented in colorful and varied formats using music, literature, and interactive technology, and are structured to enhance the students’ fundamental skills in each language.
  • After School Care

    Extend your Monte Cassino school day with Monte After Care where your student will receive help with homework, outdoor playtime and trained, thoughtful supervision. See the Monte After Care page for more information.