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Elementary Science Fair Inspires

Student share their learning in Science fair Presentations.
Thank you to all our Science Fair participants, judges and coordinators who helped host the Elementary Science Fair just before Spring Break. After giving presentations and being thoroughly interviewed by judges the winners have been announced:
1st Grade
Hayes Sturdivant          1st                  
Spencer Brown             2nd                 
Auggie Tims                 3rd                 
Ryan Kindelt                1st                  
Isabelle Murphy           2nd                 
Leighton Gray              1st     
2nd Grade
Hannah Block               1st                  
Gavin Hauger             1st
David Denny               2nd
Lila Bingham              2nd
Violet Rice                  3rd
Jackson Haight           1st
Major Adams              2nd
Caroline Zanovich      3rd
Laura Farrell               HM               
Kate Kaczmarek         HM
Palmer Black              HM
3rd Grade
Ty Pella                        1st                  
Georgia Kate Pugh       2nd                 
Preston Ballard             2nd                 
Asa Gathright               3rd                 
Scarlett Roberts            HM   
Penny Gettys                HM
Kanchan Thomas         1st                  
Race Grimes                 2nd                 
Robby Haight               3rd                 
Harper Lockwood        1st                  
Allison Jain                  2nd                 
Jack Brown                   2nd                 
Holden Foyil                3rd            
4th Grade
Nicholas Malloy           1st                  
Olivia Willett                2nd                 
Demonstration 4th
Ian Lee                          1st                  
John Coulon                 2nd                 
Carter Wilson and        3rd
Libby Tetzlaff                3rd                 
Sadie Teel and              HM
Collins Sturdivant         HM               
Experiment 4th                                
Perry Rice and  Bennet Rahhal tied  1st                 
Ellery Dukelow             2nd                 
Leighton Green and     3rd
Maddux Siegfried         3rd                 
Gattlon Meier               HM
Matt Kaczmarek           HM
Oliver Williams             HM
Lilly Rashid                   HM
Emma Cavouti              HM                                                         
Engineering - Ping Pong Machine                                     
Jaxson Herlan             1st                   
Grace Roberts             2nd