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Student Places 10th in National Competition

Investwrite essay earns Peyten Lazallier top honors.
As part of Mrs. Light's Personal Financial Literacy Class, students were asked to enter a contest called InvestWrite. This is both a local and national contest. The topic of this essay was to pick an entrepreneur that you admire and why you picked him or her. Then the students were to advise that entrepreneur how to invest in the future as if that entrepreneur was a client. This was a difficult task but Peyten's essay placed first in the state for 6th thru 8th graders.
As if that wasn't a big enough honor, his essay was then submitted to the national competition. Since 2004, 75,000 essays have been submitted the national organization. We are proud to announce that Peyten has won 10th in the country with his submission. WAY TO GO, Peyten!