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List of 3 frequently asked questions.

  • What do you love about Monte Cassino School?

    I love the teachers. I don't really remember my 3-year old teacher, but I remember having Mrs. Richardson, twice, and then I had Mrs. Schloss for first grade. That was fun, because her two sons are best friends with my older brother. I also really liked Mrs. Oliver, Mrs. Laird and Mrs. Culbreath in the Elementary School. I have to say all of the Middle School teachers are awesome too.
  • Tell us your story about how Monte Cassino School has made a difference in your life?

    The education is the best, and I like how the teachers talk about life lessons and not just academic lessons. I have learned a lot of life lessons from my teachers this year. We are reminded that everyone makes mistakes, no one starts out on top, and you have to work hard. I also appreciate the opportunity to perform on stage in my music classes and to participate in other activities like cheer and volleyball.
  • What is your favorite memory and/or favorite teacher?

    Favorite memory: when Mrs. Branch stood on top of her desk and shouted, "Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes!" (while teaching about the Battle of Bunker Hill). Other favorites: laughing uncontrollably at the most random things at lunch with my friends, chariot races, cotillion. I don't know if I have just one favorite teacher, but Mrs. Cox, Mrs. Branch and Mrs. Oliver are probably the top three.