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List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • What do you teach at Monte Cassino School?

    4th Grade Homeroom Teacher
  • What do you love about Monte Cassino School?

    I love our involved and supportive families.
    I love that Monte Cassino is an inclusive community of faith-based families.
  • Why do you like teaching at Monte Cassino? What motivated you to become a teacher at Monte Cassino?

    All of the incredibly knowledgeable and experienced teachers, make me a better teacher too.
    Small class sizes are a top priority here. Teachers at Monte Cassino have the freedom to provide an education that students need for life, not just for benchmark tests. Many, many Monte Cassino teachers eagerly enroll their own children here.  That means something!
  • How do you teach a Catholic worldview in your classes at MCS?

    Everything we do in our classrooms is filtered through the commonality of our Christian faith.
    As Monte Cassino teachers, we get to connect with our students on a personal level that allows us to demonstrate our faith in a real way. Living out the Benedictine Values is as much a part of our curriculum as Math or Reading.
  • What is a unique experience, talent or interest that you bring to your classroom to help shape the learning experience of your students?

    Many of our teachers come from a variety of disciplines with graduate degrees that enrich the student’s experience at Monte Cassino.

    Personally, I am an Oklahoma certified teacher for 1st-8th grades in all core subject areas. I also hold certifications for Elementary and Middle School Administration as a School Principal. I have experience teaching middle school math, serving as an Assistant Principal, Private School Admissions and Teacher Technology Training and Mentoring. I have also served as a University Research Associate for Early Childhood Education.