Enrichment Opportunities for All ES Students

These enrichment opportunities enhance the range of programs to inspire students to explore opportunities and their God-given talents.

Monte Cassino Elementary School offers something unique for ALL students. At this level, all students have Enrichment Opportunities. Please take the time to peruse the opportunities below.

Extension Class

High achieving gifted learners who qualify for the programming based on multiple criteria including standardized achievement tests and cognitive testing are offered an enrichment course that emphasizes writing instruction while also utilizing various subject areas to explore a centralized theme.

Scholar Projects

Students who are motivated and show interest in additional learning have the opportunity to work with an instructional coach to design a project with an appropriate topic of their choosing to complete. Students are able to choose the way they present the material to best match their preferred learning style and intelligence.

Accelerated Reader (AR)

This motivational reading program allows all learners to work with their teachers to set reading goals for themselves that are reflective of their ability and potential. Points are awarded for correctly answering comprehension quizzes for the books read. Students who meet their goals are thrown a quarterly party!


Teachers differentiate their writing instruction and expectations according to a student's ability. Students identified as strong writers are encouraged to participate in various writing contests in the community throughout the year.

Social Studies

First Grade -  the first grade students explore our Native American heritage in a unique unit of learning. A trip to Gilcrease Museum of Art provides a visual tour to gain knowledge of the storied history of the land we now call home. Additionally, they rotate through various activities so they too can practice the artisanship that our Native American ancestors began.

Second Grade - students participate in the beloved Economics Fair Unit that allows them to take charge of their own small business and become quick entrepreneurs. As they learn about consumers, production, cost analysis and other important business aspects, they develop a good or a service to provide to their classmates in exchange for Monte Cassino Bucks that they earn during the unit.

Third Grade - third grade students get to travel! These fun trips take students to areas in Oklahoma to learn about our great state. During the year, students will visit Woolaroc, Harn Homestead in Oklahoma City and downtown Tulsa as they learn the rich history of our state and city and the people who have contributed to its success.

Fourth Grade - at the end of each social studies unit in fourth grade, all students are given a list of project ideas to showcase their knowledge of that particular unit. The tasks vary and are representative of the various levels of Blooms Taxonomy giving all students opportunities to showcase their understanding in meaningful and appropriate ways tailored to their talents


Students in first and second grades who exhibit a strong aptitude for math receive enrichment materials to explore concepts at a deeper level. Third and fourth grade students who qualify for programming based on multiple criteria including standardized achievement tests and cognitive testing are offered an advanced level math course that offers a faster pace and deeper exploration of concepts.


Our Elementary science programming includes demonstrations, experiements and modeling in each unit taught so students have hands-on knowledge of the topic. Elementary students who show a love for science are encouraged to participate in Science Explorers which is an after school program taught by Middle School science teachers and explores various fun and cool topics in a hands-on, experimental fashion. Additionally, students are given an opportunity to showcase their curiosity and love for science in our annual Elementary School Science Fair!


Elementary students at all grade levels are engaged weekly in music lessons that open their minds to the beauty of music. Students are introduced to instruments, theory, composers, how to read music, choreography and what it takes to put on a musical production. All students learn about rhythm and beat through the African drums. Additionally, third grade students learn to play the hand bells and fourth grade students learn to play their very own recorder! At least once a year, each grade level showcases their talent in a Broadway-type musical, complete with solos, duets and a full cast. These are shows you won't want to miss as first grade's Halloween on Parade, second grade Goin' Buggy, third grade's heartfelt Veteran's Day Program and tear jerking Mother's Day Program honor everything and everyone from monters, bugs to our Veterans and our dear Moms. 


Elementary students take a tour through art history as they progress through the elementary years, learning about the artists, culture, media and techniques used during each time period. Students who show an affinity and talent for art are chosen to participate in various art shows in the community. All students are represented in our own annual elementary art show.

Physical Education

Twice a week, students engage in physical education activities that focus not only on physical skills but the social and emotional skills that are only achieved during routine physical activities. Students in third and fourth grades participate in an annual Field Day in which they choose up to five events in which to compete.

Lifeskills Class

Monte Cassino Elementary School students meet with the School's counselor once a week to learn about lifeskills such as respect, responsibility, having and keeping a sense of humor, conflict and friendship. Through role playing, discussion and other various methods, students learn practical ways to handle typical interactions that ofter cause termoil.

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

First through third grade students get to participate in a Montessori based supplemental religion program called Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. This program was developed in the 50's by two laywomen who wanted to develop a way to share the richness of Faith with children. Monte Cassino is proud to offer students quiet contemplation and the enjoyment of God. Students learn about God's love for them, reenact Bible stories, study the liturgical seasons, and plan and participate in prayer services. One mother explained that Catechesis of the Good Shepherd "cracked the code" of the Mass for her son, as he learned to become alert to the details of the liturgy: the significance of the color, the names and the purposes of the various vessels and tools on the altar.


Fourth grade students can't wait for Robotics class! This hugely popular class is a weekly, hands-on meeting of the minds to work together to create and build something extraordinary. Through project-based activities, students' skills are enhanced across science, engineering, technology and coding. The unique combination of LEGO's, classroom friendly software, and inspiring standards-based science projects result in improved self-confidence and problem solving skills.

The Benedictine Quarterly

Have a budding journalist in your family? Then this is the class to take - in Elementary School! Monte Cassino's Elementary School newspaper, The Benedictine Quarterly is put together every quarter by the fourth grade editors who meet once a week during lunch break. The editors are charged with not only recruiting staff writers who contribute to the newspaper with articles, comics, puzzles, short stories and art; but they must also market and sell the papers. Staff writers consist of an assortment of students from first through fourth grade. Proceeds from the newspaper are donated to a charity chosen by the editor.

After School Programming

We strive to offer after school programming that allows students to continue their love for a subject outside of the traditional classroom setting. Offerings include Young Rembrandts, Chess Club, Science Explorers, Math Masters, Technology Club, Keyboarding, Lego Building Club, Instrumental Music Class, Coding, Scouting, Book Clubs, Theater Arts, Fourth Grade Academic Bowl, as well as a multitude of athletic skills groups and team offerings. Descriptions of these can be found in the Extrcurricular section of the website as well as the Athletics section.

Language Awareness Program

Monte Cassino’s Elementary Language Awareness classes are designed to foster a knowledge and appreciation for the various cultures and countries who speak Spanish (first semester) and French (second semester). Latin is also studied in the second semester to give students a basic understanding of the origin of many languages in general. Lessons are presented in colorful and varied formats and are structured to enhance the students’ fundamental skills in each language. Students are engaged in activities in speaking, reading, listening and writing in each lesson, within the context of the material that is covered at the elementary level.