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List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • What is your relationship with Monte Cassino School?

    I am an alumnus, graduating from Monte Cassino School in 2016 and am currently a sophmore at Edison Prep graduating in 2020.
  • What do you love about Monte Cassino School?

    I love the great community Monte Cassino has, and that it is always a place I can come back to.
  • Tell us your story about how Monte Cassino School has made a difference in your life?

    I went to Monte Cassino from the 2 year old preschool program through 8th grade, and am currently going to a public high school, I received a very different education than a lot of my peers. There were things that maybe made me wish I'd gone to a public school earlier, but predominately, my education from Monte better prepared me for the academic stress of high school than many of my peers. I can confidently say I like to write essays, and my workloads are only stressful when I let them be. I appreciate what Monte has given me in terms of my schooling and work ethic quite a bit.
  • Tell us your favorite memory and/or favorite teacher?

    This may not be my favorite memory at Monte Cassino - belive me, there are many - buit it's definitely a good story, was in second grade following a Blue Bell Ice Cream factory trip where I'd fallen on my knee. Later that day, at recess, a friend and I decided we wanted to ask to go inside due to the cold weather. We knew we would not be allowed to go inside, but thought it was worth a shot. As we were waiting to ask the teacher in charge of recess, a kid accidentally tripped me and I fell flat on my face! My friend brought me into the nurse to address the cuts and scrapes all over my face, and we got to stay inside after all! At the end of the day when my mom picked me up, she almost didn't recognize me and said, "Sarah I left you with your knee all messed up and you came back with your face all messed up!"

    My favorite teacher is preschool was probably Miss Deisenroth for Kindergarten, my favorite teacher in Elementary School was probably Mrs. Laird in second grade and my favorite Middle School teacher was probably Mrs. Smith for fifth grade English and seventh grade math.