Applied Synergistic Science Lab

Monte Cassino’s Synergistic Lab is an applied science approach developed to allow students to explore science applications and approaches before their high school years.  The lab is a series of student-directed modules and experiments that have allow students to move at their own pace and interest while simultaneously offering additional challenges and lessons for students who really enjoy a particular module.  Over the course of their Monte Cassino career, students will have exciting opportunities to learn about:

  • flight and build a working model of an airplane wing
  • silicon circuits and design and build their own circuit board
  • explore robotics and applied robotic technology
  • even the basics of bioengineering while isolating the DNA of an onion. 

Beyond these samples, students learn the basics of medicine, weather systems, physics, chemistry, biology and engineering, all at their own pace and with additional activities to meet their various interests.  

Overall, the Synergistic Program allows students to experience the basics of careers in math and science and prepares them to make choices in high school in order to reach those eventual goals.