Honors Program


Honors Program Application 2017-2018

5th Grade Honors Course Offerings


6th Grade Honors Course Offerings

Pre-Honors English

Pre-Honors Math


Honors English

Math:  Honors 6th Grade Math or Honors Pre-Algebra


7th Grade Honors Course Offerings


8th Grade Honors Course Offerings

Honors English

Math: Honors Pre-Algebra or Honors Algebra I

Honors Social Studies


Honors English

Math: Honors Algebra I or Honors Geometry

Honors Social Studies



Program overview

The Middle School Honors Program is designed to prepare Middle School students for the demands of advanced and AP high school courses. Courses begin in Grade 5 with our Pre-Honors classes, and expand through Grade 8. Students are tested into the Honors Program which is taught by Monte Cassino School teachers who have completed coursework through the College Board and utilize innovative instructional strategies and best practices recommended by them.

The guiding principles of our Honors Program are based on the expectation that all students can perform at rigorous academic levels, and that students should be continuously challenged to expand their knowledge and skills to the next level.

The emphasis with Honors courses is that the students make the commitment to the additional effort required, so this is essentially a contract made by the student, with parental knowledge and support.

Honors classes are characterized by

•           Greater demands for analytical thinking, creativity, and problem solving

•           Strong emphasis on writing

•           A rapid pace

•           Frequent, demanding homework and more outside reading

•           Willingness to participate freely in classroom discussion and group projects