Fifth Grade

The fifth grade serves as a transition year between the self-contained class structure of the Elementary School and the departmental nature of the Middle School. 

Students are exposed to a variety of programs and can begin to make decisions about where they would like to focus their studies. In addition to the core classes of reading, writing, math and science, students learn about moral and social development through their religion class, experience physical education and health instruction, take a survey of languages including Latin, French and Spanish, expand their artistic ability through art and music and can experience extra-curricular activities like language clubs and Academic Bowl for the first time. 


Sixth through Eighth Grades

Honors classes begin at our sixth grade level and give students the opportunity to challenge themselves further in academic subjects in which they have shown great aptitude or interest. The program continues to add both depth and width to the student experience; throughout their time in the middle school, students will have opportunities to explore the applied sciences, develop and build hands-on projects such as student-powered chariots, working circuit boards, and various ceramics and other artistic endeavors.

Students who graduate from the middle school go on to Honor Roll status at local high schools at a 90% rate, and at least 50% score college ready in two or more of their core subjects on the Explore test, a precursor to the ACT.

Monte Cassino School students are also offered additional instruction in math, so a majority of students will complete Algebra before they enter high school. For the students that have exceeded these offerings, Geometry and Algebra II are also available. Students will also be well prepared from a language perspective and will be ready for most Spanish II, French II or Latin II programs when they graduate.