After School Program


When school dismisses, we welcome your child to our program with a healthy snack and the opportunity to continue their Monte Cassino experience. Age appropriate activities include:

  • Help with homework
  • Extended time in centers
  • Time to play inside and outside
  • Interaction with multi-age groups


How your child benefits:

Better social-emotional skills: We believe in the power of face-to-face interactions!

  • We help your child find better ways to communicate and understand the emotions and thoughts of their friends.
  • We give time for the development of friendships with students in different classes and grade levels.
  • Our skilled staff members support positive interactions between students and with themselves.

Interaction with a diverse and trained staff

  • Your child will interact with a diverse staff: male and female, former Monte students, and those who range in age from college students to young adults to spritely seniors.
  • Our well trained and supervised staff love to support your child in growing and learning.
  • We love getting to know the family and will communicate with you as needed.

How you benefit:

Peace of mind: your child’s safety is our utmost concern

  • There are two staff members in each ECLC and elementary classroom.
  • We know where each student is every day; they are checked in and out with after school and co-curricular teachers and athletic coaches.
  • Staff are trained in first aid and CPR.
  • We practice emergency drills after school.
  • The Director and Assistant Director provide support to staff and students.



What will your child be doing?


  • Learning through extended time in centers: large building materials and magna tiles, libraries, home living centers, doll house, puzzles, paper airplanes
  • Developing gross motor skills through daily outdoor and indoor play time
  • Listening as staff read aloud from books available in our libraries
  • Creating collaboratively in many art projects and coloring pages while interacting with our staff


We can help you!

  • For families with babies: We can bring your ECLC student out to your car for pickup.
  • For families with siblings: We have a sibling program for younger ECLC children whose older Monte Cassino ECLC, elementary, and middle school siblings dismiss later.


Elementary/Middle School

  • Participation in co-curricular activities and athletics is coordinated
  • Extended study hall for those involved in extra-curricular activities
  • Opportunities to volunteer as mentors for younger students in study hall, once their work is done, as well as to volunteer with our threes class on Fridays


We help you!

  • More family time for you: Most students complete their homework during study hall.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your student is supervised and safe after school.


To arrange a tour please contact us. Information listed below:

   Andrea Methven,

   ECLC Director






  Shirl Miles

   Assistant Director (ES/MS)







Grades 1 – 8: $185 per month

Early Childhood (3’s, 4’s & Kindergarten)

5-day: $205 per month

3-day (MWF): $160 per month

Sibling program: Half of the monthly tuition*

*Sibling program available for ECLC students with older Monte Cassino ECLC, ES or MS siblings, who are picked up at a later dismissal.

Daily drop-in rate (subject to space availability): $20 per day


What people are saying.... 

An unexpected bonus to my children attending Monte Cassino has hands-down been the after school program! The staff has been so accommodating to this mom of 4 (and my ever-changing schedule!) My kids talk daily about centers and their many creations adorn our walls and illustrate the rich learning environment that is present at Monte Cassino. The staff goes above and beyond to ensure my children are in a safe, loving, challenging, and creative environment.

Lucy Lennox 

After having 2 children in After School over the past 4 or 5 years, the staff has been absolutely amazing. They have encouraged the continuous growth tailored to my children on an individualized basis. They know what the kids want and need, while providing support and constant communication.  I highly recommend the After School Program at Monte-Cassino!

Jeri Barrientos, CEO

I have been in Monte Cassino After School since the first grade and I am currently in the eighth grade, so that means I've been coming to After School for a long time. The best thing about After School is that I am able to get my homework done without any distractions. When I finish homework in After School, I am able to have more family time. The best part about finishing homework is that you get a huge load of homework off your back! Not only do I finish homework, but I am also able to socialize with people that I don't normally see in my classes. It is great to be able to talk to people that you might have not even thought about talking to otherwise. I am grateful to be part of the After School community. Thank you, Monte Cassino After School staff for giving me the chance to become the best person that I can be. 

GiGi, 8th grade student


After School Program Staff 2018

photo courtsey of: Rachel Miles