Stock Gifts

Appreciated securities can make an excellent gift. Those who donate securities will generally receive a charitable tax deduction for the full fair market value of the securities, and avoid capital gains taxes on the appreciation of the assets. Please be sure to consult your tax advisors for specific tax information when considering a gift of securities.

To transfer shares electronically to Monte Cassino, a donor should contact his/her broker. The donor should also advise Monte Cassino's Business Office, preferably by phone, that he/she has authorized the transfer, including donor's name, stock name, number of shares, transfer date, and purpose of gift as our broker does not receive notice of who transferred the stock. 

Monte Cassino's Broker: Charles Schwab

Account Name: Monte Cassino School, Inc.

Account Number: 3950-1165

DTC Number: 0164

For additional information or to advise of a transfer of stock, please contact Ryan McDaniel, Director of Finance & Operations at 918.746.4146 or via email.