Middle School

The Middle School at Monte Cassino provides a rigorous and developmentally-appropriate educational program for students of all faith traditions through the legacies of Benedictine instruction and Catholic values.  The Middle School continues the development of reading, writing, math and the sciences while continuing to ensure that students have access to classes such as foreign language, physical education, art and music theater, all of which are designed to prepare them for further study at the high school level. 

Middle School at Monte Cassino is a chance for students to refine their intellectual interests while simultaneously developing leadership skills and social behaviors that will serve as a foundation for all future studies.  Monte Cassino is committed to providing dedicated and qualified educators, which is why the majority of our middle school teachers have master’s degrees and have taught or are certified at the high school level.

The Middle School years are challenging for most students and we steadfastly believe staying the course with a K-8 education is critical to your child's full and healthy development. Regardless of when your child enrolled at Monte Cassino, it is crucial that they reach the pinnacle of their Monte Cassino education in the 8th grade year. For Monte Cassino students, eighth grade is truly the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.