Monte Cassino Elementary School focuses on providing programming to engage students and build their competencies in reading, writing and math so critical to finding success in the Middle School years and beyond. 

Our curriculum is designed to meet and exceed the common core standards helping prepare our students for the challenges that lie ahead in their future learning. Teachers at all grade levels within the Elementary School work together to ensure both horizontal (teachers across same grade) and vertical alignment (teachers of different grades) of the curriculum to ensure transitions between grade levels is seamless.

Students in the Elementary School setting receive daily instruction in reading, writing, math, social studies and religion.  Departmental classes that meet for an hour each week include physical education, music, art, robotics (4th grade), library, and language (Spanish, French, Latin).  Science is also offered as a departmental class and meets up to two hours each week depending on grade level.   Students experience the basics of life sciences, geology, and earth sciences via a multi-learning style approach that is interactive in design and provides robust learning opportunities.