Middle School +

Monte Cassino Middle School + is a new program for the spring quarter featuring exciting "after the bell" options for students who want to participate in club activities, try a new academic experience or simply complete a project or homework assignment. Classes range from Chess, Yoga, Robotics with many options in between. Classes are offered everyday Monday - Friday, 3:30-4:30 pm starting March 12-May 11, 2018. Classes will NOT meet during Spring Break March 19-23, Good Friday March 30, or  Easter Monday, April 2, 2018.
Registration Deadline: March 9, 2018 - REGISTER NOW


After The Bell

Middle School + Class Descriptions

March 12- May 8

3:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Maker Club: Light It Up: Monte Cassino students will create many different paper-based projects that light-up in cool and surprising ways, as they learn circuitry through crafting with LED’s, copper tape, and coin cell batteries! Within these 7 sessions students will begin a starter paper circuit project then quickly advance to techniques like creating a DIY switch or making a parallel circuit with multiple lights. This is one class your little genius won’t want to miss as this club will explore glowing pinwheels, light up helicopters and pop-up cards! This class is sure to light up your child’s world! Taught by Mrs. Earon Cunningham, technology expert and MS Librarian can only have 20 students for $70 (that’s only $10 per class!). Sign up early, as these are first come, first serve!

Homework +: This class is exactly what it says “Homework +”! Your children can complete homework assignments, projects, books and special projects within the extra hour of study time! Our experienced faculty is here to assist, organize and teach study skills! This extra hour is priceless in completing all that Middle School homework and special group projects. The classes are limited (see below for details) and cost is $10 per class, pre-registration is strongly encouraged. 

Mondays: Ms. Kim Goen, 5th-6th, room 308, 20+ students; and Mr. David Brennan, 7th-8th, room 206, 20+ students

Tuesdays: Ms. Liz Boudreau, 5th-6th, room 303, 20+students; and Mrs. Ingrid Milliron, 7th-8th, room 220, 20+ students

Wednesdays: Mrs. Gail Branch, 5th-6th, room 301, 20+ students; and Mrs. Becky Gammill, 7th-8th, room 104, 20+ students

Thursdays: Mrs. Kelli James, 5th-6th, room 323, 20+ students; and Mrs. Ingrid Milliron, 7th-8th, room 220, 20+ students

Fridays: Mrs. Gail Branch, 5th-6th, room 301, 20+ students; and Mrs. Ingrid Milliron, 7th-8th, room 220, 20+ students

Archery 101: Coach Stump is setting up the Archery course and teaching student the basics of archery to get your little archers started! This 8 session class goes over safety, set-up and archery basics! To culminate this fantastic class, Coach Stump is in the process of lining up a competition between other schools that have archery classes! Archers must sign up early as this class can hold 24 and is held in the MS Gym on Tuesdays, cost is $80 ($10 per session!).

Checkmate Monte: You guessed it – Chess Club for Middle School students! This class, also taught by Chess guru, Coach Stump, is going to bring your chess player up to the next level. Monte Cassino has a long history in Chess Club, beginning in Elementary School, and Coach Stump is going to carry it on to the Middle School. In the works is a possible local Chess Club competition at the end of the 8-week session. Chess Club meets on Wednesdays and is a first come, first serve class with sign up capped at 25 students for $80 ($10/class).

Heads Up! Dissection: Anyone have a little scientist in the making? If you do, then this class is for your child! Monte Cassino is honored to have Dr. Rapacki, Neurosurgeon at St. John hospital, on staff to teach this class! Students will dissect a sheep brain and learn all parts of the brain and how they work together! This class is held on Tuesdays and is open to 30 students in Coach Crawley’s science room (each student will have a lab partner, so there will be two students/brain). The cost for this exclusive class is $160 per student.

MC Yoga:Taught by the renowned Ms. Liz Boudreau, this class is specialized for kids only and is taught on Wednesdays only for 8 sessions. Ms. Boudreau has completed a specialized Yoga training designed for kids only where they will practice fundamental yoga postures while exploring the connection between movement and breath. Various yoga flows will be practiced in a lighthearted and playful environment. No previous yoga experience is required, come ready to learn and have fun!  Ms. Boudreau has completed her 200-hour certification and is in the process of completing her 300-hour certification by this summer!  Cost is $80. Students need to bring their own Yoga mat. The class will be held in the Middle School music room.

Lego NXT Mindstorm Robotics: Students learn Lego NXT Mindstorm Robotics Engineering and work collaboratively and interactively to construct and program robots. This robotics class allows students opportunities to build on prior knowledge established in Elementary School with WeDo Robotics and learn new engineering concepts. While engaging in project-based curriculum, students will demonstrate math and science application and utilize critical thinking and analytical skills to problem solve. Mrs. Julia Cealka teaches this class on Thursdays, cost is $80 for 8 sessions ($10/session) and can have 20 students. Students need to bring their own computer to class.

Program Coordinator:  Jennifer Light, Middle School American Studies teacher. Healthy snacks will be served before all classes. All payments can be either check made payable to Jennifer Light, cash or venmo (@Jennifer-Light-MC). Classes will NOT meet during Spring Break, March 19-23 or on Good Friday, March 30 or on Easter Monday, April 2, 2018. For any questions, please email No refunds for missed classes.