Welcome to #monteweekofgiving! This week is all about supporting our great School and having some fun while we do it! We are deep into the Annual Fund Drive and are striving to reach our $150,000 goal for the year. While the campaign doesn’t end until June 30, 2018, we are using this week as a big push for 100% participation, which is what really matters! Every classroom will have its own pot of gold on its door and we will be tracking parent participation throughout the week – every class to reach 100% will win a FREE DRESS DAY!

All week long, we have created wonderful ways to give your Annual Fund donation.

Who’s In?


Monday morning as you drive in either entry, Monte Cassino cheerleaders and Middle School Student Leaders and Parent Volunteers will be kicking off the week with warm welcomes at every building. Parent volunteers can answer any quick questions you might have, pass out giving envelopes or accept any donations. All you need to do is roll down your window! Or to make it even easier, just click here to donate online!


Crazy sock day – You’re crazy not to support Monte Cassino!!! No, you don't have to donate to wear Crazy Socks, but why wouldn't you?

If there is one thing your child loves, its Monte Cassino’s CRAZY SOCK DAY!

Feel free to send your envelope to school today with your donation!


It's not St. Patrick's Day yet, but we may have a lucky leprechaun on campus!  He will be at the ECLC Drive this am if you would like to toss out your pot o' gold (no wait, your donation envelope) out the window!!!

You guessed it, our fearless Head-leprechaun Kevin is willing to dress up like a leprechaun to prove how much he loves Monte Cassino School (yea, we put him up to this!!) and collect your donation envelopes!


 Phonathon! Day!!  Our Development Committee and parent volunteers are donating their time to hop on the phones and beg for gifts of ANY SIZE! Remember, it is all about PARTICIPATION!


Whew! By now, we should have made one of our goals! Hopefully, we've reached 100% Monte Cassino Community giving!  But in any case, today is MONTE CASSINO SWAG DAY! What does this mean? This means your child could and should wear anything and everything they have ever owned Monte Cassino! From t-shirts to sweatpants, to backpacks and headbands!

How “Monte Cassino” can your kid get?

What happens if we actually reach our goals? A LOT!!! 

* 100% Community giving gets us in line for grants and school funds from outside sources because it shows that WE ALL STAND TOGETHER AT MONTE CASSINO!

* If 100% of all families donated in each class, then FREE DRESS on Friday, March 16 for every student!