Middle School Traditions

Traditions have been running strong at Monte Cassino since 1926 and the Middle School is one of the places where these tradtions stand strong. 

Stations of the Cross - During Lent, the sixth grade class acts our the Stations of the Cross in the Chapel. The Stations of the Cross commemorates 14 key events on the day of Christ's crucifixion.

Lessons and Carols - this is a beautiful and original Christmas tradition performed by the eighth grade students. It is a "tabluea", which means that while the story of Christmas is narrated (in the context of the Salvation History) by seven students, other groups of studens intermittently enter the church to form a representation of this event.

May Crowning/May Queen and St. Joseph Representative - two eighth grade students are chosen from among their peers as a person who represents some of the virtues of St. Mary and St. Joseph. The selected winners then become the May Queen and St. Joseph Representitive. This selection process is done in a most reverent way.

Rose Mass -  this Mass takes place in May, month of Mary Mother of God, and it is the concluding religious ceremony for the eighth graders. During the Mass, the elected May Queen, her attendants and the elected St. Joseph Representitive are recognized and awarded.

Sports Banquet - the All-Sports Banquet is held in May and is a recap of memorable moments from students' athletic experiences while at Monte Cassino. All students are invited to the banquet.