Simone, Grade 7


What is your relationship to Monte Cassino School?

I am a student in the seventh grade and I started school here in the first grade.

What do you love about Monte Cassino School?

I love how the teachers and staff are willing to help you no matter what happens. They are kind and amazing. I also love how you get to learn a second language. I am in Spanish and I have learned so much. At Monte Cassino everyone is accepted for who they are and I love that.

Tell us your story about how Monte Cassino School has made a difference in your life?

Monte Cassino has made a huge difference in my life. I have made so many friends and we all accept each other and I have met teachers who were great mentors to me. They have taught me things that I use everyday. Also, the volleyball team I was on was great. We learned a lot and I am now on a competitive team! I love Monte Cassino.

Tell us your favorite memory and/or favorite teacher?

My favorite memory was a few months ago. My friend and I were eating lunch together and she had to take her retainers out to eat. We were cleaning up and she accidentally threw away the napkin with her retainers in them. When lunch ended, we started digging our hands through the trash can. All the teachers thought is was disgusting, so they brought us gloves from the kitchen. We finally found them. It was so funny! 

My favorite teacher is Mrs. Crofford. She is so nice and relaxed. She makes learning so fun. She is the BEST!