Enrichment Opportunities for All ECLC Students

These enrichment opportunities enhance the range of programs to inspire students to explore opportunities, talents and their God-given abilities.


ECLC students at all levels are engaged weekly in music lessons that open their minds to the beauty of music. Students are introduced to instruments, sounds and fun rhythum and beats. ECLC students perform Christmas programs during the holidays.

Fine Arts

Monte Cassino ECLC students begin the Fine Arts program are exposed to and asked to recreate famous works of art with an early-childhood spin, practice basic drawing and painting and use the arts to better develop fine motor skills.


The dramatic arts begin at Monte Cassino in our four-year-old program, where each class performs mini-opera based on a famous fairy tale or children's story, such as The Three Billy Goats Gruff or The Three Little Pigs. Students will perform various seasonal shows at each grade level, including Christmas. 

Creative Movement

Twice a week, students engage in physical education activities that focus not only on physical skills but the social and emotional skills that are only achieved during routine physical activities. Students get to participate in their very own Octoberfest run!

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

First through third grade students get to participate in a Montessori based supplemental religion program called Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. This program was developed in the 50's by two laywomen who wanted to develop a way to share the richness of Faith with children. Monte Cassino is proud to offer students quiet contemplation and the enjoyment of God. Students learn about God's love for them, reenact Bible stories, study the liturgical seasons, and plan and participate in prayer services. One mother explained that Catechesis of the Good Shepherd "cracked the code" of the Mass for her son, as he learned to become alert to the details of the liturgy: the significance of the color, the names and the purposes of the various vessels and tools on the altar.

After School Programming

We strive to offer after school programming that allows students to continue their love for a subject outside of the traditional classroom setting. Offerings include Young Rembrandts, and Boast. Descriptions of these can be found in the Extrcurricular section of the website as well as the Athletics section.

Language Awareness Program

Monte Cassino’s Elementary Language Awareness classes are designed to foster a knowledge and appreciation for the various cultures and countries who speak Spanish and French. Lessons are presented in colorful and varied formats and are structured to enhance the students’ fundamental skills in each language. Students are engaged in activities in speaking, reading, listening and singing in each lesson, within the context of the material that is covered at the early-childhood level.

Accelerated Reader

Monte Cassino students grades kindergarten through eighth use Accelerated Reader Renaissance Place to access over 138,000 quizzes on fiction and nonfiction books on all levels, including books not owned by our libraries.  Parents can login and monitor their student’s reading progress, and assist their children in selecting books to complete their quarterly AR requirements. Readers are rewarded with special fun activities to celebrate their reading success.