Spirituality and a Benedictine Education


Sister Veronica's A Benedictine Way of Living


Tuesday, January 23 Feast of St Vincent, Deacon/Martyr

People who practice hospitality are door-openers, conversation-starters, smile-givers.



Monday, January 22 - Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children

Hospitality is about presence—looking another human being in the eye and showing that you care.  We can’t pay back the love we have been given most of the time, but we can pay it forward, by passing it on to the next person I meet. 



Friday, January 19 in the 2nd week of Ordinary Time

Almsgiving and physical assistance are not sufficient to define hospitality; true hospitality involves face-to-face, gracious relationships of encouragement and respect.



Thursday, January 18 in the 2nd week of Ordinary Time

 Hospitality makes the Christian life both credible and inviting.



Wednesday, January 17 Feast of St Anthony, Abbot

In ancient cultures the relationship between host and guest was sacred; in practicing hospitality the host made the guest feel special, important and warmly welcomed into his family.



Tuesday, January 16 in the 2nd week of Ordinary Time

Benedictine hospitality calls us to make our home places of welcome where there is always room for one more at the table.



Friday, January 12 in the First Week of Ordinary Time

We would like to think that Benedictine monasteries and schools are "way stations of hospitality."



Thursday, January 11 in the First Week of Ordinary Time

Hospitality is receiving others like family, and communicating through your words and actions that they are well worth your time and effort.



Wednesday, January 10 in the First Week of Ordinary Time

Every person we welcome into our lives brings us gifts- some experiences, some insights and some new questions.



Tuesday, January 9 First Week in Ordinary Time

Real hospitality is making room in yourself for another person and forgetting about setting out your best china, linen napkins and crystal wine glasses.




Monday, January 8 Feast of the Baptism of the Lord

Hospitality is the key to the everyday business of working, playing and praying together, of honoring the Christ in one another. 



Tuesday, December 19 in the 3rd week of Advent

God intends us for service, for leadership, for faithfulness to the Benedictine values that revere life and give it meaning- God calls us to go out to love and serve the world.



Monday, December 18 in the 3rd week of Advent

When we serve others with compassion and mercy, we touch that very holy part of ourselves- God's spirit within us- and we touch God's spirit in others.



Friday, December 15 in the 2nd week of Advent

When persons are in need, we all bear responsibility to be present- where there is poverty, we are called to be present to the poor in need, where there is social and political injustice, we are called to be present to those who are treated unjustly.



Thursday, December 14 Feast of St John of the Cross, priest/doctor of Church

Following Jesus means that we have to keep walking on the ground, keep struggling, and keep moving out our own little world to become everyday pilgrims whom God can use to bring healing to a broken world.



Wednesday, December 13 Feast of St Lucy, virgin/martyr

We miss so many opportunities to serve others when we refuse to reach out to those different from ourselves.



Tuesday, December 12 Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our willingness to help other people, family, friend or stranger, is a gift from God.



Monday, December 11 Feast of St Damasus I, Pope

Our service to others is like the wind—ever-moving and ever moving others—reminding our brothers and sisters in Christ that the Lord is present even at those times when He seems invisible



Friday, December 8 Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Mary responded to God’s call with a “yes.”   Sometimes we fail to respond to God’s call because we feel we don’t have the talent to do the task, but Jesus can take the talent we have and make it enough.



Thursday, December 7 Feast of St Ambrose, bishop/doctor of church

Sometimes serving others involves asking God to show us how to be channels of love and answers to the prayers of those who are waiting for healing in body, mind and spirit.  



Wednesday, December 6 Feast of St Nicholas, bishop

 Every kind act we do and every kind act we see another do are signs that reveal God is near.  Come, Lord Jesus.


Tuesday, December 5 in the 1st week of Advent

Sometimes the best way to serve is to pray for the people who are on life’s journey with us; prayer lifts others up to God’s good purposes.