The K-8 Advantage

Research proves it; Monte Cassino lives it! 
 K-8 program, students become stronger academically, happier personally and more confident as leaders.
These are formative years and giving children a safe place to stretch and develop as individuals is essential. We are specialists, attuned to the social-emotional needs of children pre-school through 8th and wholly invested in ideas, programs, and facilities that support learning for students in this age group. Younger students benefit from the support and care they are shown by older students. Middle School students, in turn, thrive as they become leaders, role models, and mentors, on their way to feeling prepared - and confident - as they go to high school.
According to a recent study published by American Educational Research Journal, sixth-eighth graders are:
  • Bullied less
  • Don't fight as much
  • Do better in school when they attend K-8 schools than when they attend traditional 6-8 middle schools or 6-12 schools.
  • They also tend to feel safer and more like they belong in K-8 schools, which researchers have attributed to their "top dog" status (versus the "bottom dog" status they hold in other school structures).