Spirituality and a Benedictine Education


St. Benedict and Benedictine Values

St. Benedict (480-547), renowned for his wisdom and moderation, wrote his Rule for Monasteries at his great monastery of Monte Cassino in Italy.  This short rule has stood through the centuries as a guide for those seeking God in a community of prayer and work.  Since the sixth century St. Benedict’s teaching has provided a way for Christians to live together in a community joined in the goal to seek God in a community of prayer and work.  This is the way of life that shapes the education at Monte Cassino School.

The Benedictine Values are:
  •                         Seeking God
  •                         Prayer
  •                         Love of Learning
  •                         Stewardship of God’s Creation
  •                         Community
  •                         Hospitality
  •                         Service
  •                         Balance and Simplicity of Life