Vision Statement


Built on a legacy of excellence, Monte Cassino School aspires to be among the best PK to Grade 8 schools in our nation, preparing students as scholars and forming lives rooted in faith, service, and community.



Monte Cassino School's philosophy is to provide a learning environment which enables qualified students to successfully attain their fullest academic potential in a stimulating and nurturing environment. 

Monte Cassino School is dedicated to the education of each child, focusing on the intellectual, spiritual, social, physical, and personal aspects of the student.  Monte Cassino respects the dignity of each child, with each child having a right to an education suited to his or her gifts and talents, and accepts students based on their merits.  In all things, Monte Cassino School respects students’ religious, social, ethnic and racial differences, and does not base admission decisions on anything other than a student’s ability to be successful within the school.

Monte Cassino School leaders embody the Benedictine commitment to excellence and serve primarily to promote school programs that ensure the strong have something to strive for and that the weak have nothing to fear.[1]

As a Catholic school, our goal is to help our students achieve college and heaven through intellectual and spiritual development through formation in the Benedictine Values.  Each grade level is assigned a Value to develop within their academic pursuits.

Grade:                                                       Goal:

Preschool and Kindergarten                    To Seek God

First and Second                                      Prayer

Third                                                         Love of Learning

Fourth                                                       Stewardship of God’s Creation

Fifth                                                          Community Living

Sixth                                                         Hospitality

Seventh                                                    Service

Eighth                                                       Simplicity and Balance of Life

Through the community of Benedictine Sisters, Monte Cassino Board members, faculty, staff, parents, students, alumni, and friends, Monte Cassino School provides opportunities for all of its students to Be a Saint.

[1] R.B. 64:19