Fast Facts

Our School At a Glance




The Monte Cassino Science Bowl team has been State Champion or runner up in every year we have competed.

All of our middle school classes challenge and prepare our students for public or private high school.  In fact, many freshman and graduates of Monte Cassino routinely tell us that 9th grade is easier academically than 8th grade at Monte Cassino.  This academic preparation gives our graduates confidence that allows them to grow not only academically, but also socially and developmentally.  Several Monte Cassino courses count as high school credit at Oklahoma public schools, due to the course content and teachers with high school credentials.

Monte Cassino's teachers are concerned about each child they teach. They work with the child and parents to find solutions to academic, social or developmental issues.  In addition, Special Education teachers and instructional coaches on staff work with teachers to modify instruction if students have been diagnosed with learning difficulties.   

Monte Cassino students matriculate to many high schools in the area, predominately Booker T. Washington and Bishop Kelley, Cascia Hall, Holland Hall and local public schools.


  • Monte Cassino students have volunteered to assist with fundraising for scholarships (totaling over$160,000 with a matching grant) and the annual appeal in order to help fellow students and their school.
  • Students are currently organizing a spirit week to show all of the distinctive aspects of Monte Cassino that make us a Benedictine, Catholic school.
  • Monte Cassino students embrace sustainability and have successfully fundraised for expansions of the recycle program.
  • Religion classes at Monte Cassino are action and values-based, reflecting the core Benedictine Values and putting those values into action.  This includes service projects, community builders and social lessons.
  • The Monte Cassino PTO has many community building events throughout the year, including picnics, holiday themed parties and fundraisers.
  • The PTO also mirrors the School's commitment to service by hosting quarterly days of service.
  • Monte Cassino elective classes bind all three pillars together, blending athletics, community and academic passions in such offerings as Run a 5K, Lego robotics, student council, NASCAR model racing, engineering fair, Paper roller coasters, mock trial and model UN to name a few.


  • Just over 92% of Monte Cassino participated in an organized sports activity through the school last year.
  • Monte Cassino students understand that fitness is important to life success; the students have organized a fitness week to draw attention to healthy choices.
  • Monte Cassino athletics meet students at their ability and commitment level, to ensure that they will be challenged in a way that will help them stay engaged and develop within the sport or sports of their choice.
  • Sports and academics are united in things like our language class chariot races, which shows that sports at Monte Cassino are co-curricular, not extra-curricular.
  • Monte Cassino doesn't sell sodas or candy in our cafeteria, and instead encourages students to make healthy choices.
  • Monte Cassino coaches have strong resumes, with most playing their sports at the college level and a few even achieving some level of the professional ranks.