Life at Monte Cassino

Ensuring a Safe Place 

  • Monte Cassino School is a safe place for children of all ages.
  • Our environment allows emerging adolescents to become confident, poised, and helps them find lifelong academic interests and skills.
  • There is no pressure to grow up too fast at Monte Cassino School, or behave like a high school student.

Focusing on Prekindergarten (three and four year olds) through Eighth Grade

  • Monte Cassino School focuses solely on providing the best possible preschool to eighth grade experience.
  • Our Elementary and Middle School programs do not compete with a high school program for valuable human and financial capital.
  • Faculty members love to teach students in the age range and are cognizant of their social, emotional, and physical needs during this formative period.

Predicting Success

  • Numerous national studies demonstrate the advantage of a three-year-old through eighth grade education; they enhance academic, social, and emotional development while bringing about improved self esteem and confidence (Rand Study and AMLE Study).
  • A two-year study by American College Testing (ACT) found that eighth grade academic achievement in an appropriate eighth grade curriculum was more significant in determining future success in high school and college than any high school academics experience.
  • The experiences of our alumni indicate that Monte Cassino School provides powerful long-lasting experiences that position students for success in high school and college.

Transitioning to High School

  • Our alumni distinguish themselves in their new schools.  Public and private schools are delighted to add Monte Cassino School graduates to their classes.
  • Preparing our students to be productive and happy at the next level is critical to the thinking of both teachers and administration at Monte Cassino School.

"When we moved to Tulsa with our one year old daughter, one of the first questions we were asked was where she would attend school.  Monte Cassino was consistently named as the best place in Tulsa.  Now, 8 years after she entered as a 3 year old, and an addition of twin boys in kindergarten, we are 100% confident that we made the right decision.  Academic excellence, supportive faculty and staff and lifelong friendships, all rooted in a 90 year tradition of Benediction culture and values.  We're not just part of a school, we're part of a legacy!" - Cindy and Tom Rapacki