Monte Cassino


Work for MCS

Middle School Librarian for grades 5-8

MLS/MLIS graduate degree required, with minimum of 3 years experience; graduate level classes in school library media must have been completed.  Must hold valid Oklahoma Teaching Certificate, and have passed the state mandated library media competency test.

Librarian/Library Media Specialist

Job Description

Job Title:          Librarian/Library Media Specialist

Department:      Faculty

Reports to:       Library Coordinator, Principal, and School Director

Prepared by:    Janou Farrell at


Oversees all functions of library operation, and maintains the library’s role as the intellectual center for the school.  Primary responsibilities of the librarian are:   

  1. Providing daily group and individual instruction, research support, literature appreciation
  2. Collection development and library database management
  3. Promotion of library and information resources to students and faculty
  4. Awareness of new trends and developing technologies

The librarian serves a fundamental role as curriculum facilitator, with an overall view of the school curriculum; establishes partnerships and initiates planning that meets teachers' needs for resources and activities and students' needs for access to information.


Committee Involvement:  Serves on grade-level, department, building, and school-wide committees on a regular basis and occasionally serve as chairperson; is proactive in initiating ideas.

Curriculum Development:  Participates and leads in curriculum development and assessment projects school-wide.

Applies active understanding of curriculum to library collection management and planning.

Provides leadership in the use of varied resources to design and teach curriculum units, integrating emerging technologies with the classroom and information literacy curriculum.

Promotes awareness of intellectual property rights.

Technology Development: Serves as a technology leader.

Assesses, evaluates, selects, and implements technology to meet current and future curriculum objectives.

Collaborative Planning:  Initiates collaboration with teachers in planning, designing, delivery, and evaluation of instruction.

Integrates information skills with core curriculum objectives, incorporating use of print and online resources.

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We need an elementary after school teacher beginning immediately from 2:45pm to 5:30pm Monday – Friday.  Wage rate starts at $9.50 per hour.

We hire dynamic people to join our diverse after school staff.  College students, homeschooling parents, part time job seekers, retirees, men and women are all welcome.  Experience with children in group settings is preferred, but not required. 

For more information or to submit a resume, please contact the After School Director Andrea Methven (