Academic Bowl

Academic Bowl is a highly competitive activity that challenges students on their breadth and depth of knowledge. Competition is team-based and follows the guidelines of the Oklahoma Association for Academic Competition and A.B.L.E.  We compete in multiple levels and have consistently been one of the top three teams in the State for the last 13 years.  Knowledge of material covers many subjects: Literature, History, Science, Fine Arts, Geography, Math, and Current Events.  Academic Bowl always lets students get recognition for what they know and pushes them to learn and share knowledge with their teammates.  All competitions are team-based but with student interest  there are additional opportunities for individual competitions in which to compete.

Ages/Qualifications:  5th - 8th Grade Boys and Girls. Grades and attendance must be maintained in order to compete.

Season:  Try-outs and practice begins the first week in September.  Practice is twice a week until the last competition.  Competition season generally runs from November to April.  

Registration:  Participants must qualify for team competitions by written and buzzer (reaction speed) tests.  Try-outs will be in early September.

Equipment:  The school has multiple buzzer systems for competitions and practice.  Students will receive a team shirt for competitions.  

Cost:  Fees are $140 per year.  Parents will need to drive to competitions and may be asked to assist.

Contact:  Jennifer Light at (7th and 8th grade students)

                  Peggy Gordon at (5th and 6th grade students)