MS Enrichment Opportunities for all MS Students

Enrichment activities are fun and stimulating while teaching important life skills at this age level. Middle school students benefit from carefully curated Middle School extracurricular activities because they can provide physical development, inspire creativity, provide stress relief, help develop self-confidence, encourage teamwork, develop social skills and also teach time management.  


Each semester teachers offer elective classes to pique students’ interest in a new skill or activity. Some examples of classes offered include engineering, coding, yoga, knitting, cartooning, and bootcamp.

Biz Town:

5th grade students participate in Junior Achievement Biztown. This is an economics/civics unit teaching students about the free enterprise system.


The Middle School drama gives students a chance to perform classic musicals as well as more modern options! Students at the Middle School level are also given opportunities to learn more about the behind the scenes aspects of productions, including lighting, sound and set design. Beyond their experiences in musicals and various performances, all Monte Cassino students have access to classes that teach basic vocal and singing techniques and prepare students for religious celebrations or other community events.

Fine Arts:

Mr. Zumwalt's Middle School art students approach art with a fun and exciting flair! They begin by developing three dimemsional artworks using the kiln then move on to various other activities to express themselves and develop creativity! This class fills up fast and is always learning traditional and modern forms of art and expression!


Student Council:

All middle school students can participate in our student council. Elected positions include President, Vice President, treasurer, communications officer, secretary and grade level representatives. Students who are not elected to student council can serve on committees etc, throughout the year.


WEB, which stands for “Where Everybody Belongs” is a middle school orientation and transition program that welcomes 5th graders and makes them feel comfortable throughout the first year of their middle school experience. Built on the belief that students can help students succeed, the program trains mentors from your 8th grade class to be WEB Leaders. As positive role models, WEB Leaders are mentors and student leaders who guide the 5th graders to discover what it takes to be successful during the transition to middle school and help facilitate 5th grade success.

Academic bowl: Students have the opportunity to try our for our academic bowl teams each year. We have a 5th/6th grade team and a 7th/8th grade team that participates in various matches throughout the year against local area schools. Our academic bowl teams consistently have a strong showing and have won regional and state championships.

6th grade retreat: 6th grade students attend an overnight retreat in the fall. The retreat focuses on building friendships, self-esteem and helps students by teaching them positive ways to navigate their way through middle school socially and emotionally.

 7th/8th grade NET retreat: NET retreats are designed to present youth with the truth of who they are as God’s children and how true joy and meaning in life are found by accepting Christ’s gift of salvation and living as His disciple. All 7th and 8th grade students participate in these retreats during the spring semester. NET ministries facilitates the retreats on campus.

Theology of the body:  The “Theology of the Body” is St. John Paul II's integrated vision of the human person. The human body has a specific meaning, making visible an invisible reality, and is capable of revealing answers regarding fundamental questions about us and our lives:

  • The 5 part program includes:
  •  An Encounter with Christ the Bridegroom - An introduction and overview of Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body
  • Original Man - Who man and woman were created to be in the beginning, as found in the book of Genesis
  • Historical Man - Who we are now after the fall and in the light of the redemption
  • Eschatological Man and Celibacy - What we are destined for in heaven and how it relates to the celibate vocation
  • Marriage and Humanae Vitae - Living the Theology of the Body in the vocation of marriage

All 8th grade students participate in this program.

Veterans Day Parade:

All students in the middle school attend the Veteran’s Day parade to support and thank our veterans. Student who are on the student council march in the parade as representatives of our school.

MS Spelling Bee:  3 finalists from each grade compete in the MS spelling bee final. The winner of the school-wide bee will represent MC in the Green Country Scripts Spelling Bee as well as the Diocesan spelling bee.

MS Geography Bee: 3 finalists from each grade compete in the MS geography bee final. The winner of the school –wide geography bee will represent MC in the National Geographic State final in OKC.