Monte Cassino strives to support the learning styles and individual needs of students as they interact with peers and learn at Monte Cassino.REACH is Monte Cassino’s model of integrating enrichment, acceleration, and support to students across campus.  This approach is dynamic and includes professionals, tools, strategies, assessments, and interventions.  Monte Cassino REACH is an integrated, educational partner and does not offer formal, individualized, education plans.


Acceleration and/or Extension


Specialized groups designed to address advanced problem solving skills using a thematic approach

Classes that promote creativity and problem solving through project work with an emphasis on writing development

Additional instruction for areas of interest when the curriculum does not fully satisfy a student’s curiosity

Pull-out and/or push-in sessions which could include: individual enrichment units of study, extension, and increased depth of instructional concepts




Individual coaching and mentoring for both academic needs and executive skill development

Academic remediation sessions and programs designed to help students access the curriculum

       Assessment coordination with outside professionals and specialists


Who provides the program?

Under the supervision of the administration, the program will be coordinated and delivered by seasoned instructors and counselors working closely with classroom teachers to help students meet expectations and their potential. 


·       Director                                   Caitriona Harris

·       MS Coordinator                       Lisa English

·       MS Counseling                        Lenna Coffman

·       ES Counseling                         Ellen Ungerland

·       Reading Specialist                   Sarah McSweeney

·       Instructional Coaches              Caryn Arnold, Ingrid Milliron, Julie DeLong


Parents, administration, and teachers may submit a request for services.