A Message from Kevin Smith, Headmaster




Good Morning,


I tell Maggie and TJ that I have two jobs as their Dad, the first is to keep them safe and the second is to help them make good decisions. When my kids ask me what I do at Monte Cassino School I tell them that it is the same, keep the school safe and help us make good decisions. In light of the very tragic events at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida yesterday I wanted to reach out and assure everyone in the Monte Cassino School community that our first priority is safety. In December, we did tabletop drills with Jacob Thompson from the Tulsa Police Department and in January our management team reviewed and updated our procedures for an intruder on campus. We drill regularly and most importantly, work to instill our Benedictine Values in all we do to create a caring, faith-based culture at MCS.


Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said, "It's a horrific, horrific day, just pray for this city. Pray for this school, the parents, the folks that lost their lives." Please join me in praying for the Marjory Stoneman Douglas community and the victims, their families and friends. Let’s also pray for the safety of all schools and students and an end to senseless and tragic violence in schools.


God Bless you,




Kevin M. Smith