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ES Students Serve Tulsa Communities

Monte Cassino Elementary School adopts two local organizations to support this Christmas!


During this Advent season, Monte Cassino's Elementary School classes adopted two organizations to help bring Christmas cheer to those they serve and embrace the power of a giving spirit.  Whether your family contributed to the St. Nicholas Toy Drive for Catholic Charities or New Hope Oklahoma (an organization that works to break the cycle of generational incarceration) your kind and generous donations are a true example of extending the hands of Christ to those in need.

Twenty-six children whose parents are struggling to make ends meet will feel the excitement of Christmas morning via the St. Nicholas Toy Drive, and many children whose parents will not be with them on Christmas morning will be able to enjoy a fun Christmas gathering at New Hope complete with treats, games and presents.

Learning about those who are less fortunate in one way or another is an eye-opening experience for most of our kids. It is difficult for them to wrap their brains around the idea that not all children have a Christmas filled with the wonder and awe that theirs often is. These experiences are important for all of us to learn from as they again remind us that we can show gratitude for our blessings by extending them to others as well. 

Vicky Adams

Elementary School Principal